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S1 Ep 7 - Journey to the Moon


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  • S1 Ep 8 - Space Tourism

    Host Emily Calandrelli explores the next great travel destination: Outer Space. With trips ranging from $75,000 into the millions, Emily visits with several companies that are planning to send tourists into space over the next few years. Also, a unique trip inside Virgin Galactic to see their uni...

  • S1 Ep 9 - Rockets & Propulsion

    Host Emily Calandrelli examines how rockets are made, how they blast off, and how they make their way through the Earth’s atmosphere. Emily travels to NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia for an all-access pass as the crew prepares for the launch of the Antares Rocket. Plus, an introducti...

  • S1 Ep 10 - Satellites

    Host Emily Calandrelli delves into the world of satellites: from small cube-sized ones all the way up to large space crafts that orbit the Earth and document changes in our geography. Emily visits one of the largest satellite manufacturers in the world to see how satellites are made and tested f...