Xploration Outer Space

Xploration Outer Space

7 Seasons

Host Emily Calandrelli, MIT Engineer and astronautics expert takes viewers on incredible journeys through space. She visits various NASA facilities, private space companies, and interviews space experts in search of answers about our universe.

Xploration Outer Space
  • S1 Ep 1 - Preparing for Mars

    Episode 1

    Join host Emily Calandrelli as she talks to scientists about the next stop in our solar system – Mars. She visits NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to meet Curiosity, the rover currently exploring Mars and slowly unlocking its mysteries. Then Emily heads to Hanksville, Utah to meet up with a group...

  • S1 Ep 2 - Astronaut Training

    Episode 2

    Emily Calandrelli travels to Johnson Space Center to get an inside look at what it takes to be an astronaut. She explores an astronaut dive in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, then takes a closer look at the suit that keeps astronauts safe in the vacuum of space. Veteran astronaut Cady Coleman joins her...

  • S1 Ep 3 - Robots in Space

    Episode 3

    Host Emily Calandrelli explores the robots that are changing the way we explore space - and helping people on earth. Emily meets Robonaut, a man-like robot assisting astronauts on the International Space Station. Then she takes a ride in the Space Exploration Vehicle, which hopes to eventually la...

  • S1 Ep 4 - Life Beyond Earth

    Episode 4

    Host Emily Calandrelli assembles an investigative team to tackle one of the biggest questions of our time: Are we alone? She travels to the SETI institute to meet with leading scientists Jill Tarter and Seth Shostak to learn how we are searching for intelligent life in our universe. She also meet...

  • S1 Ep 5 - Asteroids

    Episode 5

    Host Emily Calandrelli speaks to experts who are learning everything they can about asteroids and their potential impact on earth. From the dinosaur killer to the Chelyabinsk meteor of 2013 - we learn about the destructive power of asteroids. Emily takes a trip to the Ames Vertical Gun Range for ...

  • S1 Ep 6 - Space Balloons

    Episode 6

    Host Emily Calandrelli visits with experts to discuss the scientific advantages of high altitude balloons. Emily travels to Wallops Flight Facility to see how these balloons are created and tested to survive the rigors of near space. She also learns about one balloon that lifted an 8000 lb. teles...

  • S1 Ep 7 - Journey to the Moon

    Episode 7

    Host Emily Calandrelli meets with scientists to discuss the creation, composition and history of the Earth’s nearest neighbor: The Moon. Plus, she travels to two of the teams competing for the Google Lunar X Prize, a $30 million award given to the first group to land a rover on the Moon, travel ...

  • S1 Ep 8 - Space Tourism

    Episode 8

    Host Emily Calandrelli explores the next great travel destination: Outer Space. With trips ranging from $75,000 into the millions, Emily visits with several companies that are planning to send tourists into space over the next few years. Also, a unique trip inside Virgin Galactic to see their uni...

  • S1 Ep 9 - Rockets & Propulsion

    Episode 9

    Host Emily Calandrelli examines how rockets are made, how they blast off, and how they make their way through the Earth’s atmosphere. Emily travels to NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia for an all-access pass as the crew prepares for the launch of the Antares Rocket. Plus, an introducti...

  • S1 Ep 10 - Satellites

    Episode 10

    Host Emily Calandrelli delves into the world of satellites: from small cube-sized ones all the way up to large space crafts that orbit the Earth and document changes in our geography. Emily visits one of the largest satellite manufacturers in the world to see how satellites are made and tested f...

  • S1 Ep 11 - The All Powerful Sun

    Episode 11

    Host Emily Calandrelli meets with a team of scientists to discuss the dynamic, explosive, and dangerous center of the Solar System: the Sun. Emily explores the threat that two types of solar explosions can pose to us here on Earth. Plus, we get a tour of the world’s largest solar farm in Califo...

  • S1 Ep 12 - Extreme Space

    Episode 12

    Host Emily Calandrelli meets with a team of scientists to discuss the death of massive stars in the Universe. The aftermath produces some of the brightest and most violent scenes – from supernovas to gamma ray bursts to one of the most intriguing events in the cosmos: black holes. Plus, a unique...

  • S1 Ep 13 - Entrepreneurs of Space Exploration

    Episode 13

    Through the eyes of astronauts, entrepreneurs, and inventors, host Emily Calandrelli asks one of the key questions of Outer Space: Why do we explore? We’ll hear from several astronauts and visit a few locations where the most powerful observatory is being built – The James Webb Space Telescope. ...