Xploration Outer Space

Xploration Outer Space

7 Seasons

Host Emily Calandrelli, MIT Engineer and astronautics expert takes viewers on incredible journeys through space. She visits various NASA facilities, private space companies, and interviews space experts in search of answers about our universe.

Xploration Outer Space
  • S7 Ep 1 - UFOs: What’s Really Out There

    Episode 1

    Is there proof that aliens are visiting our planet? What is behind these UFO sightings? Host Emily Calandrelli searches for the truth by interviewing experts and visiting Roswell, New Mexico, the site where some believe aliens once landed.

  • S7 Ep 2 - Indigenous Astronomy

    Episode 2

    Native cultures have been studying the sky for centuries, yet their teachings have been mostly overlooked. Host Emily Calandrelli visits a sacred indigenous “sky party” and meets the first NASA astronaut of Native American descent.

  • S7 Ep 3 - Future of the Space Industry

    Episode 3

    With private companies becoming involved in space exploration, the space industry is booming. Host Emily Calandrelli meets with two space journalists who talk about space tourism, the thriving business of satellites, and how much activity there will soon be in low-earth orbit.

  • S7 Ep 4 - Big Impact

    Episode 4

    Space tourism is becoming a common occurrence, thanks to the efforts of Blue Origin. Host Emily Calandrelli takes a look at some moments with a “big impact” in the space industry today.

  • S7 Ep 5 - Favorite Moments

    Xploration Outer Space has over 75 episodes, and host Emily Calandrelli has been there every step of way. In this special episode, Emily recalls some of her favorite moments, ranging from cutting edge science to adventures with our #StudentAstronaut contest winners.