Xploration Earth 2050

Xploration Earth 2050

4 Seasons

What will the world look like in 2050? Where will advancements in science, technology, engineering, and math lead us? Find out the answers to these questions and more on Xploration Earth 2050.

Xploration Earth 2050
  • S1 Ep 1- Mechanimals

    Episode 1

    Scientists and engineers have long realized that mother nature is the world’s most talented designer. Join host Joe Penna as he explores how designers are using Manta Rays to change the way we explore the ocean’s depths. He’ll fly a mechanical bird whose design is helping factories become more ef...

  • S1 Ep 2 - Working Robots

    Episode 2

    In 2050, the workplace will look far different than it does now, and one reason is robots. Join host Joe Penna as he talks to astronauts, designers and factory workers as they describe how the robotic revolution is affecting the way we work. One robot is designed to work side by side with humans,...

  • S1 Ep 3 - The Future of Food

    Episode 3

    There will be two BILLION more people on Earth in 2050 and keeping them fed is a challenge not only for governments, but for scientists and futurists. Soon food will be grown in high rise buildings in major cities. Host Joe Penna talks to the people who are creating the foods of the future and sa...

  • S1 Ep 4 - The Cyborgs are Coming

    Episode 4

    The dreams of generations of science fiction writers are now a reality. Man and machine are meeting in strange—and productive—ways. Join host Joe Penna as he discovers a search and rescue robot that doubles as a tank, cuddles a therapy robot designed to look, and act, like an actual pet, and test...

  • S1 Ep 5 - The Future of Crime Fighting

    Episode 5

    By the year 2050, cops and robbers won’t look anything like it did in the past. Host Joe Penna talks to designers who’ve created a robotic security guard. He’ll work with a Harvard scientist who has developed a softball sized set of eyes and ears that allow crime fighters to see danger long befor...

  • S1 Ep 6 - The Future of Medicine

    Episode 6

    Some of the biggest breakthroughs in the run up to 2050 are happening in medicine. Host Joe Penna examines electronic skin that keeps tabs of your vital functions and warns of trouble. He’ll discover implanted devices powered by our own bodies. And he’ll test out a simulator that shows him how ro...

  • S1 Ep 7 - Wearable Technology

    Episode 7

    Even before 2050, man and machine are meeting in ways only dreamed of by the most ambitious science fiction writers. Join host Joe Penna as meets a colorblind man who, thanks to a revolutionary piece of technology, has become a well-known visual artist who ‘hears’ colors. Joe also tries out a mac...

  • S1 Ep 8 - The Future of Daily Living

    Episode 8

    The future is coming to where you live. Join host Joe Penna as he visits a neighborhood that runs on solar power. In 2050 we’ll be living underwater, and plans are underway to live in caves on the Moon’s surface. Even parking garages are being converted into homes for future city dwellers. Yes...

  • S1 Ep 9 - The Future of Outer Space

    Episode 9

    By 2050 mankind will be living on the moon, and perhaps even Mars. Join host Joe Penna as he talks to pioneers in the future of space. Soon tourists will be traveling the solar system. Asteroids will be mined for precious materials we’re running out of on Earth---including water. And Space e...

  • S1 Ep 10 - The Future of Transportation

    Episode 10

    The car is arguably the most influential invention in history. Join host Joe Penna as he discovers where this invention is headed in the run-up to 2050. Robotic cars, predicted 80 years ago, will be on roadways in a decade. Joe goes to a neighborhood where almost everyone drives an electric car. ...

  • S1 Ep 11 - 3D Printing

    Episode 11

    What would happen if many of the products we use every day were made in our homes and not factories? 3D printing could make it happen. Join host Joe Penna as he meets pioneers in the field of 3D printing.Thanks to 3D printers, the billions of plastic bottles we use each year are being recycled a...

  • S1 EP 12 - The Future of Our Oceans

    Episode 12

    Oceans cover three quarters of the Earth’s surface, yet are less explored than the Moon. Join host Joe Penna as he visits with developers who are turning to the ocean as a renewable source of power. By 2050, we could be creating floating islands, big enough to support cities.

  • S1 Ep 13 - The Future of Entertainment

    Episode 13

    Entertainment isn’t just fun and games. It’s a big, multi-billion dollar industry and it’s changing quickly as we approach the year 2050. Join host Joe Penna as he visits with people creating operas—with robots. Virtual reality games are virtual no more---and when simulated environments become re...