Xploration Awesome Planet

Xploration Awesome Planet

6 Seasons

From the tops of the highest mountains to the depths of the deepest oceans, in Xploration Awesome Planet, Philippe Cousteau takes you on incredible journeys across our beautiful planet.

Xploration Awesome Planet
  • S5 Ep 1 - Helping Hands

    Episode 1

    Philippe Cousteau explores incredible conservation projects around the world.

  • S5 Ep 2 - Marvels of Nature

    Episode 2

    Philippe Cousteau explores unbelievable marvels of nature across our awesome planet.

  • S5 Ep 3 - Athletes

    Episode 3

    Philippe Cousteau meets with pro athletes who are using their platform to create a better world.

  • S5 Ep 4 - Student Explorer Contest

    Episode 4

    Philippe Cousteau travels to Fiji with the winner of this year's #StudentExplorer contest to explore the island and lend their hand to a coral reef restoration program.

  • S5 Ep 5 - Students Lead

    Episode 5

    Philippe Cousteau meets with incredible students across the country who are solving real problems in our world, with science.

  • S5 Ep 6 - Threatened Places

    Episode 6

    Philippe Cousteau visits threatened places across the country. Beaches, National Parks, and oceans.

  • S5 Ep 7 - Hidden Nature

    Episode 7

    Philippe Cousteau explores the side of nature you don't always see.

  • S5 Ep 8 - Remote Research

    Episode 8

    Philippe Cousteau explores the incredible science taking place in remote locations across our planet.

  • S5 Ep 9 - Science Communicators

    Episode 9

    Philippe Cousteau meets the science communicators making science more relatable for everyone.