Xploration Awesome Planet

Xploration Awesome Planet

6 Seasons

From the tops of the highest mountains to the depths of the deepest oceans, in Xploration Awesome Planet, Philippe Cousteau takes you on incredible journeys across our beautiful planet.

Xploration Awesome Planet
  • S1 Ep 1 - Rumbling Earth

    Episode 1

    Philippe Cousteau explores the cause of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. We visit the Big Island of Hawaii, where there is still an active volcano. Then we visit a laboratory at Oregon State University that is able to simulate a tsunami. We’ll explore the damage that these massive waves ca...

  • S1 Ep 2 - Extinction Earth

    Episode 2

    Philippe Cousteau explores Yellowstone National Park, the site of a potential super-volcano. Fifty miles of magma lurks near the surface, and if it were to erupt, its ash would cover the earth and damage crops worldwide as well as our drinking water. Then Philippe visits Meteor Crater in Arizon...

  • S1 Ep 3 - Ecosystems

    Episode 3

    Philippe Cousteau visits the Everglades of Florida and travels these waters by airboat to discover wildlife. Then we visit Yellowstone and explore this unique ecosystem that remains relatively undisturbed. We’ll also look at planet Earth as one giant ecosystem, and examine the inter-dependency ...

  • S1 Ep 4 - Extreme Weather

    Episode 4

    Philippe Cousteau ventures to Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, a place known as the “Home of the World’s Worst Weather.” We visit the “Wall of Wind” in Florida where scientists simulate hurricane force winds. In Colorado, we follow a scientific research team pursuing a tornado. We travel to Te...

  • S1 Ep 5 - Plants

    Episode 5

    Philippe Cousteau takes us to the Poconos of Pennsylvania, where we find a variety of plants, including some that eat insects. We explore a lush forest and uncover several plants that are edible. We visit a laboratory that has made groundbreaking discoveries in the way plants communicate.

  • S1 Ep 6 - Fire and Ice

    Episode 6

    Philippe Cousteau explores the cause of recent forest fires. We examine the nature of lightning strikes and how scientists are tracking them. We visit the country of Iceland and venture onto a large glacier and explore an ice cave.We also discover why glaciers are melting and how this will change...

  • S1 Ep 7 - Evolving Earth

    Episode 7

    Philippe Cousteau travels to Utah where scientists have discovered a massive amount of dinosaur bones.  We also go to an area where dinosaur footprints have been preserved.  Then we visit Hawaii and see how these islands evolved from volcanoes.  Philippe then tours an old coal mine in Pennsylvani...

  • S1 Ep 8 - Ocean Exploration

    Episode 8

    Philippe Cousteau visits the famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and finds what discoveries they've recently made under the deep sea.  Then we travel to the Florida coast where Philippe goes scuba diving to observe the health of their coral reefs.  Then we go to Maui, Hawaii and explore the...

  • S1 Ep 9 - Awesome Iceland

    Episode 9

    Philippe Cousteau explores the famous waterfalls and geysers of Iceland.  Then he travels up a volcanic mountain, which is expected to erupt at any moment.  Philippe also discovers how Iceland uses geothermal and hydro power to produce all their electricity.  Finally, Philippe hikes on one of the...

  • S1 Ep 10 - Colors of Earth

    Episode 10

    Philippe Cousteau travels to Sedona, Arizona, where we look at the spectacular red rock formations.  Then we travel to Hawaii, which has red, black and green beaches.  We then go to Yellowstone National Park, where some of their hot springs produce brilliant colors due to heat-loving micro-organi...

  • S1 Ep 11 - Awesome Hawaii

    Episode 11

    Philippe Cousteau visits the Hawaiian Islands and explores their traditional methods of catching fish and collecting sea salt. Philippe also dives off the coast of Maui and discovers sea creatures along the coral reef. We also travel to Kauai and search a limestone cave where ancient artifacts ...

  • S1 EP 12 - Croatia

    Episode 12

    Philippe Cousteau visits the amazing landscape of Croatia, which has some of the worlds' most amazing waterfalls and caves. At the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Philippe explores the ever changing lakes systems due to naturally forming dams. Philippe also discovers some large caves and sees how s...

  • S1 Ep 13 - Future Energy

    Episode 13

    Philippe Cousteau looks at renewable sources of energy that can replace our reliance on fossil fuels and consequently, help clean up our atmosphere.  Solar panels, wind turbines and hydro-power are clean forms of energy that are being developed and deployed throughout the world.  There's also an ...