Xploration Outer Space: The Entire Collection

Xploration Outer Space: The Entire Collection

Watch every episode of Season 5 of Xploration Outer Space with Emily Calandrelli.

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Xploration Outer Space: The Entire Collection

49 Videos

  • S5 Ep 3 - Future of Space Medicine

    Emily Calandrelli uncovers the future of space medicine Human hibernation;robotic surgery;psychology

  • S5 Ep 4 - Tales of The Cosmos

    Emily Calandrelli interviews astronauts and engineers who have experienced the wonder of outer space first hand.

  • S5 Ep 5 - Mission's End

    Emily Calandrelli explores how space missions come to an end.

  • S5 Ep 6 - Unique Space Jobs

    Emily Calandrelli explores the most unique jobs in the space industry.

  • S4 Ep 4 - Spectacular Space Views

    The Hubble Space Telescope provides amazing insights into our universe, capturing stars forming and distant galaxies. Host Emily Calandrelli looks at the incredible phenomena of our universe, and our own planet’s turbulent atmosphere.

  • S4 Ep 5 - Legends of Apollo

    When Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon, it put an emphatic end to the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. Host Emily Calandrelli looks at the accomplishments of Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the two astronauts who first landed on the moon.

  • S4 Ep 6 - Space Myths

    Is Mercury the hottest planet in our solar system? No, it’s not. There’s a lot of misinformation about our solar system. Host Emily Calandrelli speaks to experts who debunk many of the myths about outer space.

  • S4 Ep 7 - Lost in Space

    There have been a few occasions when spacecraft have been lost in space. Host Emily Calandrelli looks at several of these adventures. In some cases, the spacecraft that were lost, were remarkable found again.

  • S4 Ep 8 - Canadian Space Agency

    Canada has made significant contributions to the space effort, despite having a much smaller budget than NASA. Host Emily Calandrelli visits the Canadian Space Center in Quebec, and examines their exceptional expertise in robotics, which includes the famous Canadarm.

  • S4 Ep 9 - Fun With the Sun

    Host Emily Calandrelli looks at NASA’s next mission to send a spacecraft that will “touch” the sun. She also witnesses a total solar eclipse, and visits a man who races homing pigeons, a bird that uses the sun to navigate its way home from hundreds of miles away.

  • S4 Ep 10 - Space Firsts

    A look at the first African-American woman in space and the first spacecraft to reach interstellar space. Host Emily Calandrelli interviews several pioneers of space and discovers the determination and courage required to become the “first.”

  • S4 Ep 11 - Teaming Up With NASA

    Many private companies are working with NASA to make space exploration more efficient. Host Emily Calandrelli visits the Sierra Nevada Corporation, which is building a spacecraft that can deliver cargo to and from the International Space Station.

  • S3 Ep 2 - Surviving Space

    Once we land on Mars, how will we survive? Emily Calandrelli visits NASA’s Swamp Works, which tests space suits and machines for Mars-like conditions. We also look at the history of space suits, and discover a futuristic space suit that’s in the works at MIT.

  • S3 Ep 5 - Art of Space

    Four artists display their unique methods of illustrating the mysterious frontier of outer space. Don Pettit, an astronaut, takes amazing photos from the International Space Station. Another artist uses spray paint to portray vivid views of space.

  • S3 Ep 8 - 2016 #StudentAstronaut Contest

    High school and college students compete for a fantastic prize: Going aboard a Zero-G aircraft where they’ll experience microgravity with host, Emily Calandrelli. We’ll see the student-winner try to execute a scientific experiment in weightlessness.

  • S3 Ep 10 - The Space Shuttle Years

    The Space Shuttle program spanned 30 years, and accomplished many things in low-Earth orbit. Host Emily Calandrelli speaks with five astronauts who ventured into space aboard this amazing and complex spacecraft.

  • S3 Ep 11 - What Makes A Planet?

    We’ll explain why Pluto is no longer considered a planet, and why some scientists believe there is another planet in our solar system that hasn’t been discovered yet. Host Emily Calandrelli looks at many objects that, regardless of definition, look like new and fascinating planets.

  • S2 Ep 1 - Top 20 Greatest Moments in Space

    Xploration Outer Space names “The Top 20 Greatest Moments in Space: Caught on Video.” These are the most breathtaking, the most dramatic, the most important and the most fun images captured by the space program from here in our solar system to the galaxies beyond. From milestones in space travel ...

  • S2 Ep 2 - NASA Spinoffs

    You may not know it, but every day you’re using technology from space right here on earth! From the tiny camera in your smart phone… to the space-age material that helps people walk again on prosthetic limbs… Host Emily Calandrelli discovers the products made for the NASA space program that now m...

  • S2 Ep 3 - Space Camp

    From mission control to space walks  - Join host Emily Calandrelli this week as she explores the unique world of Space Camp in Huntsville, AL. People from all ages come here each year to experience what its like to train like an astronaut.

  • S2 Ep 4 - Space the Amusement Park

    What do space and Amusement parks have in common? Join Emily Calandrelli and astronaut Jon McBride as they discover how amusement park rides can be just like space travel. Weightlessness, high G’s, and disorientation are all a part of the human experience in space. Jon provides his first hand acc...

  • S2 Ep 6 - Why We Explore

    Host Emily Calandrelli makes the case for space exploration. Astronauts have reported a profound change in perspective when looking back at the earth from space from space, which they believe could change the world if experienced by others. And the economic benefits of space exploration are also ...

  • S2 Ep 7 - Exoplanets

    The discovery of exoplanets outside our solar system opened up a universe of possibilities – and we have never been closer to finding Earth’s twin than we are today. As our ability to search beyond our planet becomes more sophisticated, we are making leaps and bounds in our discoveries of other w...

  • S2 Ep 9 - Future of Space Exploration

    As technology rapidly advances, what does the future of space exploration look like? Join host Emily Calandrelli as she meets up with the world’s leading experts and explores how we will travel through space in the future.

  • S2 Ep 11 - Killer Debris From Space

    It is all around us, yet we can't see it. Space debris is orbiting our planet in increasing numbers and could pose risks to both astronauts in space and humans on earth. Join host Emily Calandrelli as she explores what exactly this "space junk" is and how we track and manage all of the stuff hurt...

  • S2 Ep 12 - Solving Mars

    As scientists get closer to putting humans on mars, they are running into some very real problems that need to be solved. Join host Emily Calandrelli as she examines what obstacles we need to overcome to put the first human on Mars. And the people coming up with the solutions might surprise you.

  • S2 Ep 15 - Student Astronaut Contest

    A nationwide contest produced one lucky winner who got to train like a scientist astronaut alongside host Emily Calandrelli. Join Emily as she gets to know the winner and together, they prepare for space.

  • S2 Ep 17 - Aliens

    Join Emily Calandrelli in the search for aliens.

  • S1 Ep 1 - Preparing for Mars

    Join host Emily Calandrelli as she talks to scientists about the next stop in our solar system – Mars. She visits NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to meet Curiosity, the rover currently exploring Mars and slowly unlocking its mysteries. Then Emily heads to Hanksville, Utah to meet up with a group...

  • S1 Ep 2 - Astronaut Training

    Emily Calandrelli travels to Johnson Space Center to get an inside look at what it takes to be an astronaut. She explores an astronaut dive in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, then takes a closer look at the suit that keeps astronauts safe in the vacuum of space. Veteran astronaut Cady Coleman joins her...

  • S1 Ep 3 - Robots in Space

    Host Emily Calandrelli explores the robots that are changing the way we explore space - and helping people on earth. Emily meets Robonaut, a man-like robot assisting astronauts on the International Space Station. Then she takes a ride in the Space Exploration Vehicle, which hopes to eventually la...

  • S1 Ep 4 - Life Beyond Earth

    Host Emily Calandrelli assembles an investigative team to tackle one of the biggest questions of our time: Are we alone? She travels to the SETI institute to meet with leading scientists Jill Tarter and Seth Shostak to learn how we are searching for intelligent life in our universe. She also meet...

  • S1 Ep 5 - Asteroids

    Host Emily Calandrelli speaks to experts who are learning everything they can about asteroids and their potential impact on earth. From the dinosaur killer to the Chelyabinsk meteor of 2013 - we learn about the destructive power of asteroids. Emily takes a trip to the Ames Vertical Gun Range for ...

  • S1 Ep 6 - Space Balloons

    Host Emily Calandrelli visits with experts to discuss the scientific advantages of high altitude balloons. Emily travels to Wallops Flight Facility to see how these balloons are created and tested to survive the rigors of near space. She also learns about one balloon that lifted an 8000 lb. teles...

  • S1 Ep 7 - Journey to the Moon

    Host Emily Calandrelli meets with scientists to discuss the creation, composition and history of the Earth’s nearest neighbor: The Moon. Plus, she travels to two of the teams competing for the Google Lunar X Prize, a $30 million award given to the first group to land a rover on the Moon, travel ...

  • S1 Ep 8 - Space Tourism

    Host Emily Calandrelli explores the next great travel destination: Outer Space. With trips ranging from $75,000 into the millions, Emily visits with several companies that are planning to send tourists into space over the next few years. Also, a unique trip inside Virgin Galactic to see their uni...

  • S1 Ep 9 - Rockets & Propulsion

    Host Emily Calandrelli examines how rockets are made, how they blast off, and how they make their way through the Earth’s atmosphere. Emily travels to NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia for an all-access pass as the crew prepares for the launch of the Antares Rocket. Plus, an introducti...

  • S1 Ep 10 - Satellites

    Host Emily Calandrelli delves into the world of satellites: from small cube-sized ones all the way up to large space crafts that orbit the Earth and document changes in our geography. Emily visits one of the largest satellite manufacturers in the world to see how satellites are made and tested f...

  • S1 Ep 11 - The All Powerful Sun

    Host Emily Calandrelli meets with a team of scientists to discuss the dynamic, explosive, and dangerous center of the Solar System: the Sun. Emily explores the threat that two types of solar explosions can pose to us here on Earth. Plus, we get a tour of the world’s largest solar farm in Califo...

  • S1 Ep 12 - Extreme Space

    Host Emily Calandrelli meets with a team of scientists to discuss the death of massive stars in the Universe. The aftermath produces some of the brightest and most violent scenes – from supernovas to gamma ray bursts to one of the most intriguing events in the cosmos: black holes. Plus, a unique...

  • S1 Ep 13 - Entrepreneurs of Space Exploration

    Through the eyes of astronauts, entrepreneurs, and inventors, host Emily Calandrelli asks one of the key questions of Outer Space: Why do we explore? We’ll hear from several astronauts and visit a few locations where the most powerful observatory is being built – The James Webb Space Telescope. ...

  • S2 Ep 13 - Men on the Moon

    In this episode, host Emily Calandrelli takes viewers back in time to the moment the historic Apollo program changed our world forever by landing a man on the moon. Astronauts, explorers, and engineers weigh in on the successes and failures of the missions and what we learned about ourselves in t...

  • S2 Ep 14 - Astronaut Health

    Learning how space affects the body is crucial if we want to journey deeper into the galaxy. Join host Emily Calandrelli as she trains and eats like an astronaut and learns about the dangers and challenges astronauts face when they travel outside our planet.

  • S2 Ep 16 - Mojave Air and Space Port

    The world’s leading private space companies are testing their top-secret technologies everyday in the desert of California. Join Emily Calandrelli as she explores Mojave Air and Space Port and the technologies of tomorrow that will lead the way in space exploration.

  • S5 Ep 2 - Space Oddities

    Emily Calandrelli visits with experts to explore the most bizarre space oddities in our universe.

  • S5 Ep 1 - Mars InSight

    Emily Calandrelli visits the launch pad to see the launch of NASA's Mars InSight spacecraft.

  • S5 Ep 7 - Extreme Labs

    Emily Calandrelli explores our planets most extreme environments to uncover some incredible science!

  • S5 Ep 8 - Highlights of Apollo

    Emily Calandrelli uncovers the highlights of the historic Apollo missions.

  • S5 Ep 9 - Student Astronaut Contest

    Emily Calandrelli joins the winner of our annual #StudentAstronaut contest in Russia to train like an astronaut.