The Apollo Chronicles Documentary Series

The Apollo Chronicles Documentary Series

The Apollo Chronicles is a 4-part documentary mini-series that chronicles NASA's historic journey to the moon. Featuring rare archival footage and audio, this epic series documents one of the greatest accomplishments of the 20th Century.

Participants, family members, historians, and other experts paint a rich portrait of a story that will have the audience immersed from start to finish. Hear from Apollo astronaut Alan Bean, Author James Hansen, NASA Engineer Jerry Woodfill, Space historian Amy Shira Teitel, never before heard audio of John F. Kennedy, and much more.

The Apollo Chronicles tells this story like it has never been told before.

You will receive the ability to stream and download the entires series.

The Apollo Chronicles Documentary Series

4 Videos

  • Part 1 - Into The Unknown

    Beneath the idyllic façade of the 1950’s, things are not nearly as quiet as they seem. Through first-person accounts and pointed insights, we experience the fears and anxieties that give birth to the space race – and witness the tension, thrill, uncertainty, and exhilaration of man’s first bold s...

  • Part 2 - Perilous Steps

    Although most people have never even heard of it, the Gemini program is a crucial stepping stone on the path to the Moon. Through first-person perspectives and intense storytelling, we uncover the dramatic stories of these unknown missions in which the tiniest glitch, smallest miscalculation, or ...

  • Part 3 - Failure and Fire

    Man’s journey to the Moon is fraught with triumphs… and tragedies. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the most harrowing and heartbreaking loss suffered during the Apollo program, then witness the incredible power of the human spirit as NASA’s men and women rally to send Apollo 8 on a brea...

  • Part 4 - Hailed As Heroes

    As NASA prepares for the world’s first attempt at a lunar landing, the Soviet Union responds by launching its own surprise bid to reach the Moon first. While the two competing nations sprint towards the finish line, we reveal how this all-but-forgotten chapter in the Space Race unexpectedly devel...