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Up Next in DIY Sci: Season 2 + Experiment Instructions

  • S2 Ep 6 - Electricity Experiments

    Find out how to create a fire… with lemons! Discover how to survive touching 50,000 volts of electricity. Steve Spangler has experiments you can do at home, all based on the science of electricity.

  • S2 Ep 7 - Color Science Experiments

    Steve Spangler reveals the secrets of color, with amazing experiments you can do at home. He’ll show you how to create clouds of color with do-it-yourself rainbow powders. Plus, what ink manufacturers don’t want you to know about how they create colors.

  • S2 Ep 8 - Hardware Store Experiments

    Here are amazing projects – based on science – that you can build yourself, all with things you can buy at a hardware store. Steve Spangler shows how to create your own t-shirt launcher. Plus, discover the substance that makes jelly slide off bread and paint slide off a human body.