Awesome Adventures

Awesome Adventures

2 Seasons

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Awesome Adventures
  • S1 Ep 1 - New Zealand

    Episode 1

    This week we traveled to the beautiful country of New Zealand.

  • S1 Ep 2 - Maui

    Episode 2

    This week we travel to Hawaii. We begin our adventure on the island of Maui where we take scuba diving lessons and get to experience and learn about how turtles live and breed as well as take in the beautiful ocean coral.

  • S1 Ep 3 - Pacific Northwest

    Episode 3

    In this episode we, travel to Seattle, Washington to explore the cities incredible adventures.

  • S1 Ep 4 - Poconos

    Episode 4

  • S1 Ep 5 - Australia

    Episode 5

    This week we travel to the land down under: Australia.

  • S1 Ep 6 - San Diego

    Episode 6

    This week we head to one of Southern California's most popular cities: San Diego.  

  • S1 Ep 7 - Pittsburgh

    Episode 7

    This week we travel to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

  • S1 Ep 8 - Cancun

    Episode 8

    This week it's a short flight down to Cancun, Mexico.