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S1 Ep 7 - Animal Survival


Up Next in Season 1

  • S1 Ep 8 - Animals of Africa

    In this episode we meet the animals of Africa. We’ll see how the zebra able to use its stripes as camouflage against its colorblind nemesis. Explore the engineering of a giraffes neck, and feel the power of a hyena jaws.

  • S1 Ep 9 - Lifecycles

    In this episode we’ll examine the life cycle of a butterfly and delve into the mechanics of how a bird is able to take flight. Plus, the mystery of how a Venus Flytrap catches its prey is revealed.

  • S1 Ep 10 - Incredible Animals

    In this episode, we find out how the Jaguar’s spots create a disruptive pattern that makes them harder for prey to see. We’ll also learn how a bee sting really works, and how a salmon is able to migrate thousands of miles to spawn.